Steel Framed Mirrors

Steel Framed Mirrors - Elegant & In-trend

November 30, 2020

Steel Framed Mirrors compliment the straight and strict lines so commonly found in modern bathrooms.

The options are endless when it comes to shapes and sizes. Our most common Steel Framed Mirrors that we install are circular, at sizes ranging from 800mm – 1200mm diameter.

A circular mirror makes for a great contrast to the usually hard lines of a bathroom as they soften the surrounding textures and colours.

Steel Frames can be powder-coated any colour. This allows you to add a touch of drama and depth to the bathroom with an opposing shade to the surrounding hue or strike a balance by selecting a softer colour.

Our friendly team can work with you from the concept stage right through to installation.These mirrors are fixed to the wall using a channel system which minimises the impact to the wall and ensures a sturdy mirror.

Looking for a mirror that’s in-trend and can complement any bathroom? You’ve probably just found the answer…

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