What Does Your Kitchen Splashback Hue Say About You?

The colours in a kitchen are integral to the feel of any home. What does your kitchen splashback say about you?

July 30, 2020

“Hue: a colour or shade”


The colours in a kitchen are integral to the feel of any home. Kitchens are the cooking spaces which are frequented by all family members, whether that’s to cook the family a meal, wash the dishes or under take a midnight raid to the pantry.


What do colours communicate?

Like images, colours can speak a thousand words. Their tones and placement around the house portray arrange of vocab.


  • Red colours draw attention to themselves and create that feeling of excitement – a great colour to make your splashback the masterpiece of the kitchen. 
  • Wanting a slightly organic and earthy feel to your kitchen? – Brown is the colour to choose. 
  • Green represents nature and growth – what better colour to tie your kitchen in with the outdoor surroundings. 
  • Power and elegance can be found in the colour Black– giving a slightly mirror effect on the glass this colour is one to enlarge the kitchen space.   
  • Blue communicate signs of loyalty and trust. It’s known to foster relaxation and lower heart-rates as well – much needed in the kitchens sometimes!
  • Grey colours give a sense of longevity and sturdiness – the mainstay in the colour chart.

What do these colours look like on glass?

Take a look and see for yourself. What hue represents you?

Glass Splashback Colours

We love working with clients to get the right colour for their splashback. It's often a good idea to come along with any colour samples from different parts of the kitchen and see how our splashback samples tie in with them.

Colours help express your individuality and once they have been applied onto glass, you’ll definitely see though the ordinary to a kitchen space that communicates with everyone through colour.

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